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Crime in South Africa is spiraling out of control, and we can no longer rely on the Authorities to protect us. Murder, Rape, armed robberies and Hi-jacking are the order of the day, and unless you don't take preventative measures to make sure you don't fall victim to crime, it will not be a question of whether it`ll happen to you,
it's a question of WHEN!

Hijack Prevention Course:

This is a three hour course focusing mainly on the preventative measures of avoiding a Hijack situation. Various techniques are covered, as well as statistics, environments and complimented with video footage. This is then followed by a practical demonstration of how to react to a hijacker or hijackers, where it is explained in detail how to exit the vehicle and how to remove children or other passengers that are not able to get out themselves.
The instructors motor vehicle is used for these purposes.

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Combined with the Hi-jack prevention course, we also offer the advanced defensive driving course which is an absolute must to sharpen and advance your on road driving skills. With South Africa having one of the worst driving statistics in the World, it is now not good enough to be an average driver! With millions of motorists negotiating South Africa`s deteriorating roads, a driver needs to be equipped with the necessary skills, to get from point A to B, in the safest and quickest way. The K53 does not equip drivers with these advanced skills and this explains a lot of the collisions that are taking place every couple of seconds Nationwide. Added to this problem, nearly half of South Africa`s drivers have illegal drivers licenses which are obtained illegally for a couple of Thousand Rand!

Advanced Defensive Driving Course:

This is a half day course which starts with an hour theory session covering the various types of advanced driving techniques. The theory session is then followed by a motor vehicle inspection covering the important aspects of what to look for in and on a vehicle in order to get from Point A to point B, safely. Then the on-road training starts where every driver has the opportunity to drive for approx. 40 min, during which the instructor will evaluate the drivers ability, instruct in the various techniques, as well as commentate on potential hazards. The drivers will then be de-briefed by the instructor and handed their marking sheets which will be necessary to give the drivers the chance to practice any faults and to improve their driving skills. The drivers will then be required to undergo a driving test, no sooner than 3 weeks from their first drive, and no later than 3 months. Once the test has been passed, the driver will then receive an advanced driving certificate.

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Trainer Profile


After serving in the Police Force for 6 years as a Police SWAT instructor as well as in the Flying Squad Dion had already sharpened his driving skill to an amazing level. With over 10 years experience of Advanced driving instruction covering all the various driving techniques on various tracks around the country.

Being in the flying squad and experiencing 2 hijacking attempts Dion decided to take a stand against the ever growing crime in the country and use his knowledge and experiences to help others survive these horrendous experiences.

Dion has been featured in major publications and shows around the world, see the video features below and article write-ups on the right

Dion has been featured in
Elle, Drive and
On the Track Magazines
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